Fuel Risk Management Program

Hedging is a risk-management strategy used to protect customers against investment losses or to add stability to expectations of future cost of consumables.

AtCentral Oil & Supply, ourFuel Risk Management Programis something that many of our fuel customers take advantage of.

Most entrepreneurs have seen the benefits of putting mechanisms in place that will minimize his or her exposure to unforeseen and uncontrollable market price volatility – and that is exactly what our this program can be for your business.

COS, it is important to us that we offer you as many options as possible, so we now offer three hedging options for your business:Maximum Price Contracts,领合同, andFixed ForwardContracts. For more information, please call us at1-800-883-8081, or click here for our2019新万博appmanbetⅩ &2018世界杯狗万滚球app .



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